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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Free plants

It doesn't really have to cost a lot of money to create a pretty garden. The holly that you can see trained as a lollipop self seeded there and as it grew I trimmed it to shape.  The silver cineraria appeared in my back garden one day and I simply take cuttings from it.  The rosemary is a plant that I grew when I bought a packet of rosemary stalks to add to a roast dinner a few years ago.  Stick a couple of stems into water and leave them to root before potting them on.  If you receive a bunch of flowers it is worth looking to see if you can root some of them.  I have pulled side shoots from  roses, carnations and many other flowers when I have received bouquets. The pretty blue 'grape hyacinths can be a bit of a weed as they spread everywhere but I simply pull loads of them out and donate them to friends at the end of each flowering season.  I take cuttings from my wallflowers and root them ready for next year. They smell absolutely divine. 

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