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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lost crafts

I wonder when children lost the art of sewing in school.  I have been looking through some pictures of samplers on the internet.  Beautiful pieces of work stitched by little girls of 8 or 9.  Children (and adults) nowadays don't even know how to thread a needle which is such a shame .  How many mums and grannies sit and teach their children to sew, knit or crochet.  I am noticing  more and more that the vast majority of schools simply glue and stick with the children. I remember teaching my kids to knit when they were very young.  As they got older they learnt to cross stitch and we spent many an evening together cross stitching little samplers.  I remember being taught to use a wood turning lathe at the age of 11.  I don't think there are many schools that would allow children to use razor sharp chisels these days. I taught my son to use my lathe when he was 9. He still has the rounders bat that he made.  So many craft skills are being lost as schools concentrate almost exclusively on academic subjects.  I do hope that there is a turn around and children learn to craft with a multitude of different mediums and not just a pot of PVA glue.

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