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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Bargain price DIY poncho.

 On Monday I decided to make myself a  poncho.  I saw one at Stokesley show but it had the eye watering price of £100 attached. I bought myself a metre of fabric from Ebay but naively  I thought it would take me an hour......  It took nearly all day as I had quite a bit of unpicking and resewing to do.  My next one will take me at most a couple of hours..... I think.....  Off to teach at the knitting group this morning and then this afternoon I am baking cakes.  The WI have been asked to cater at a fellow members funeral so I shall be donning my pinny tomorrow and serving tea and cakes. Friday morning I am leading the ladies rambling club and on Friday afternoon I shall be giving a private lesson in Jewellery making.   Not enough hours in the day just lately

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