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Monday, 24 August 2015

Paper crafting

I have been playing with paper again just lately.  The red rose is made from a coffee filter and the carnation is tissue that was wrapped around a bouquet of flowers that Tony bought me last year.  I will make another rose but will use a template to cut the petals as I don't want to have the crimped bit of the filter on some of the petals.  To colour it red I mixed a little gouache into a small bowl of water and then dip dyed it.  I hung it to dry and then curled the petals to make them look more realistic.  As usual it looks so much nicer than the photo portrays. It got me thinking though.  The children are all going back to school and will have new shoes and school clothes.  Don't throw the tissue paper away, make yourself a big bunch of flowers.  If you rub a felt pen around the edges of the carnation it looks surprisingly realistic.

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