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Monday, 31 August 2015

Fragrant pendants

I have been making clay pendants recently  As they drying they are turning a soft chalky terracotta colour and will look really pretty once they are completely dry. The white powder that you can see is cornflour. I used that to dust the moulds with and will brush it off once they are dry. My camera seems to exaggerate every flaw and imperfection but in reality these are hardly noticeable.  I could rub them over with a wet finger to smooth them out if  I was that bothered.  I am planning to add a couple of drops of scented aromatherapy oil to them.  They would make lovely cheap, gifts at Christmas if you have a tight budget. You could make them bigger and hang them in an entrance hall or porch to add your favourite fragrance to the house.  I would be a little bit wary of hanging them anywhere damp though as they are not going to be sealed.

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