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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

One Planet Living event

Today I will be working for my former employer at an event that they have organised as part of the One Planet Living project. I will be demonstrating how to re use the contents of your recycle bin so if you happen to be visiting Middlesbrough today please do come and say hello. You can't fail to recognise me as I shall be decked out in all manner of jewellery made from up cycled things.   The top photo shows a belt that I made a few years ago from plastic bottles and some sticky backed reflective tape. The second pic shows some earrings made from tiny tassels. I could fib here and say that I made the tassels but I didn't.  I could have as they are only embroidery thread but as they are the perfect shade of blue to match my jumper I simply bought them.  The third picture shows the necklace that I made from ring pulls from lager cans.  I am currently coveting the red ones found on the top of coke cans.  As soon as I collect enough I will make a red necklace or possibly even a red white and blue one

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