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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More for the stash

I often get asked how I can run my sessions as cheaply as I do.  Well other than trying to be fair and charging what groups can afford I often get given boxes of resources.  This means that I don't need to charge for materials as I always use the things that I am given to benefit my groups and classes. If I have been given resources I only to need to charge for my time.  This may involve quite a bit of prep in advance of a session but it is work that I thoroughly enjoy.  Just look at what I was given recently.
They were bought for an art project but never used?????????  I am really pleased with this gift as my hubby is really very good at glass painting and it will give him something to play with while I am knitting socks which is my current passion. This isn't cheap stuff and I dread to think what it cost.

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