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Monday, 6 October 2014

Eat those weeds

I have discovered a great way to keep the weeds down in the garden..... EAT THEM..... You think I am kidding don't you  :-)  I am not.  Have a look on you tube,  weeds are so good for you. I was more than a little worried when I first added a handful of nettles to my smoothie. I dipped my finger in first,  then the tongue and only when I was quite sure that they weren't going to set my mouth on fire did I drink it. Next day I added a handful of dandelions to the nettles for my smoothie... I make a base smoothie with fruit and apple juice and add a handful of weeds to the mix before blitzing it in the blender.  I discovered last night that you can eat the skin on Kiwi fruit so the whole thing went in this morning along with an unpeeled peach.  I shall report back and tell you if I am suddenly super fit.........Oh but a little word of warning.  Only pick them from areas that you know have not been sprayed with weed killer or other nasties.  Make sure you give them a really good rinse under running water too.

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