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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Steel washers

When I was at the wood turners club on Wednesday a fellow turner gave me handful of washers  'to see if I could find a use for them'.  Well I have some beautiful origami papers in my stash so I tried my hand at coating them in resin.   I glued the paper to the washer with a heavy duty PVA and then I used resin to coat them.  The first resin that I tried was my Lisa Pavelka  UV resin.  It works out quite expensive but it cures really quickly in the sunlight and dried perfectly clear. Then I used a casting resin that really ponged the house out but the results were every bit as good as the UV resin though not completely clear so probably better for mixing with pigments to make opaque charms.  It cured quite quickly and though these first attempts look a little rough I learnt a lot from just playing.

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