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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mock Medieval

I have been researching medieval jewellery and have really enjoyed making these crosses. Initiialy I had planned to use fimo to make them but my friend Anona suggested I give salt dough a try just to practice with.  I had a bag of plain flour in my cupboard that was way out of date and destined for the bin.  It has been put to very good use as a crafting medium and I will even buy a bag of the very cheapest  plain flour that I can find in order too use it as a crafting medium.Anyway I digress yet again.   The crosses  are quite big and chunky and are currently sitting in my workshop where I am blinging them up with crystals and pearls.  I have painted them silver and gold and they look really very swish even without the crystals.  As soon as they are dry i will update this post to show the end results.  I have also been making beads set with crystals as my photo shows. These will be painted silver too and should look really nice when they are finished.

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