Made from a Sainsbury's carrier bag


Monday, 8 April 2013

Le Crafterie AKA The little yellow craft room :-)

I have no idea why Le Crafterie came into my head but Le Crafterie it is  :-

The Sports Direct bag is full of ready prepared craft stuff for an upcoming session. I haven't begun to organise the craft stash in the drawers yet. It is all just placed in the room until I have time to sort through and see where everything is. Funnily enough though I pretty much know which box or drawer to look in for a particular item. 


  1. that's it. Having seen your very organised work room and looking at my 'squat' you are now very definitely off the Christmas card list! Love the machine that has come your way. I have just unearthed my late ma-in-laws museum piece which too has seen a hard life. She made piece work aprons on it for many years. I am just hoping that a good oiling and a bit of TLC will coax her back into life again. Anona

  2. Ah yes Anona, but you didn't see the shocking state my spare room was until this past weekend. I will post a picture so you can what a mess it became.

  3. got a feeling the wonderful missive I wrote earlier has got lost in the internal workings of this here contraption which I am still firmly convinced is the work of the devil! Look forward to seeing your before photos. You are not old enough to see the horror stories of my cave. Love your latest quilt. Nothing like a rear seat nap given the opportunity. Hope your man cub is truly appreciative of your efforts.Anona

  4. I don't think I should inflict on anyone a picture of the 'spare room' before it was gutted. The only thing spare about it was the total lack of a spare inch of space in there.