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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Crafty Friday night

Look at what we made from my stash of potential rubbish (there is of course NO SUCH THING AS RUBBISH)  :-).  Ryan's mask was started a couple of weeks ago, simple papier mache on a balloon.  The googly eyes were Ryan's own idea and are simply newspaper straws and widgets from a beer can.
Savannah wanted to make her mum a memory box and I had this lovely toiletries box in my craft stash that was just waiting for a new lease of life. The cellophane in the lid shows of the inside of the box perfectly. We cut the heart and  loads of little flowers from glitter paper and Savannah has made the inside of the the box really pretty,  The little paper beads on top of the box aren't meant to be there so ignore them.
 The flowers in the first pictures are made from toilet roll tubes and look so much nicer than the picture

Inside the memory box
The finished box. 

Ryan looking scary

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