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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What will 89 pence buy you? (oh, and Happy New Year)

Well not very much these days. BUT!!!!!!!!  I managed to buy a lovely big ball of an acrylic knitting yarn when I was in Bolton just before Christmas. Actually I bought two and have a lovely ball of the same yarn in yellow too.
I used the orange yarn to knit this bag with a  matching cowl.  The bag is great for keeping an ongoing craft project in and I had great fun knitting it. When I realised that I still had a lot of yarn left I made the matching cowl and still have enough left to knit a pair of wrist warmers.  These are currently on needles so you will have to wait a few days before i can show you how they look.  Now is that ball of yarn a bargain or not?????  :-)

I am challenging anyone who reads this blog to make at least one thing from it .

HAPPY NEW YEAR and lets keep on recycling and bargain hunting.

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