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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

felt scraps and hair clips

Even the smallest scraps of felt can be used to make nice little gifts or items to sell at the school Christmas fayre.  I bought my hair clips very cheaply from ebay but I am sure that many people have hair clips that look a little bit jaded and could use a make over.  I used seasonal colours to make little bookmarks but you could make mini mittens right through the winter if you change the fabric.  I will glue some of the mittens that I made to pieces of card to make Christmas tags and cards.  They would also make nice little tree decorations if you sew them in pairs rather than glue them.  The bookmarks take 4 mini mittens. Simply glue them onto hairclips. I think they are called crocodile or alligator clips but I may well be wrong and they are called something completely different

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