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Sunday, 30 September 2012


I am probably one of the few people that loathe halloween.  I utterly detest it if I am being honest but today I saw a pack of flock covered spiders in Home Bargains. At 75p for three it was hardly breaking the bank to buy them to show you what you can do with them after Halloween is over. I simply glued a brooch back to the spider using a strong glue.  It does make a fun brooch and I am planning to attach another to a hairclip when I have a spare few minutes.  The glue was a bit of a pain as it said to apply to both pieces and wait until it turns clear before sticking them together. Well the brooch back and spider sat with a streak of glue for half an hour and nothing looked to be happening so I have simply stuck them together now. Hopefully they will remain stuck otherwise I might look for my hot glue gun. 

So now when Halloween is over with this year you can re use those nasty bits and pieces to make jewellery instead of chucking them in a drawer and forgetting about them.

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